How to collect 24 hrs Urine sample ?
24 Hrs Urine Collection process : How to do and frequently asked questions:
In this brochure you will find common questions asked while doing the 24-hour urine collection, and the answers to each of them.
“What is the START TIME?”
Your “Start Time” is the FIRST time you urinate when you wake up to BEGIN the day. If you are doing 24-hour collections, the first day starts when you wake up to BEGIN the day. The first time you urinate, you flush it away. Although you do not collect this first urine in the collection container, this is the START TIME for day one. Collect all the urine you produce for the next 24 hours into the collection container. When you wake up on the second day of your collection, put that mornings urine into the day one collection container. This time is the STOP TIME..
“It says in my instructions not to take any vitamin C five days before the test begins. Can I take vitamins or herbal supplements that my doctor has recommended?”
Yes. Anything your doctor has advised you to do, please continue. If you are taking supplements that contain 100mg or more of vitamin C and they have not been recommended by your doctor, please stop taking them 5 days before and during the collection process.
“I take many prescription medications. Should I continue them?”
Yes. All prescribed medications MUST be taken and will NOT alter the results of your test.
“I got my period today. Will that interfere with my collection?”
“I am in the middle of doing my collection and I am not going to have enough room in my collection container. What should I do?”
Call your Patient Care Representative at UROLAB We refer to you as being a “high volume” (HV) patient. You drink and urinate more than other patients. Unfortunately, you may not realize this until you are in the middle of the collection process. In this case, STOP collecting and start a new collection. You must call UROLAB and state that you need a HV collection kit.

A high volume kit contains: 2 collection containers per 24-hour collection, 2 urine preservatives per 24-hour collection, 2 green-topped tubes per specimen, and special HV instructions.
“What happens if I’m not at home and I have to go to the bathroom?”
If this happens, just carry any small, clean container to urinate into. You have up to 8 hours to get the urine back into the collection container that has the preservative in it.
There are small, black specks inside my collection container. Will this interfere with my test?”
No. Those “specks” sometimes occur because the print from
the preservative tube label comes off when exposed to liquid.
This will not interfere with the test.
“Do I refrigerate my urine?”
No. A urine preservative is provided for each collection container. The preservative keeps the urine free of bacteria. If you put the collection container into the refrigerator, the sample(s) will be rejected. Refrigerated urine leads to less accurate results because stone forming salts become crystallized (from the cold) and thus the results are less viable.
“I received my kit, but I am sick. Should I do the test when I am not feeling well?”
No. Your test results are reflective of what you consume in each 24-hour period. Kidney stone disease can be a result of one’s diet and fluid intake. Therefore, it is important to eat and drink as you normally do. If you are not feeling well, you may not be eating and drinking as you normally do. Please wait to start your collection until you are feeling well enough to eat and drink as you normally do.
“I woke up in the middle of the night, and I forgot to collect my urine that time. Are you going to reject my test?”
Yes. Collect all urine, even in the middle of the night. Any collection period that lasts less than 22 hours or more than 26 hours will be rejected.
“I am doing the two-day collection. Do I have to do the collection two days in a row?”
“I am done with my entire collection. What do I do now?”
The urine preservative’s effectiveness expires after a certain amount of time, so we need to get the sample(s) sent back to us immediately. If we do not receive your sample(s) in a timely manner, we will reject your sample(s).

If you have questions, please call your Patient Care Representative at UROLAB
“ Should I drink more when I take my test?”
No. Do not change your fluid or diet routine. We want to see why you have been forming stones. Any diet or fluid changes should take place after you finish your collection.

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